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Riding a bike whether driven by gasoline, electricity or powered by your own muscle requires care and safety!

We live in the wide open suburbs and riders pass our house every day providing an opportunity to see the experienced and careful on the same
road as the casual and sometimes careless riders. The temptation to give safety advice is strong since we want all our riders to enjoy the road
injury free.

Cycle World - an excellent Motorcycle Magazine
www.cycleworld.com that we subscribe to, often has some good reminders of things to keep top
of mind for safety on the bike - some of them are far more relevant for motorcycles but still good reminders for those of us on step through and
traditional styles bikes. So at the risk of some copyright problems we would like share this from Peter Egan's article - WATCH OUT FOR WET
LEAVES! And remember that while they come down in the Fall, a good strong wind brings them back into our path So be careful out there by
always watching for debris on the road. (Peter Egan - The Moon Of Slippery Wet Leaves Feb 13). The same edition had a lengthy article titled
"Texas Tornado Boot Camp" by John Burns where he mentioned a number of things that Colin Edwards, the leader of the camp, teaches - Eyes
Up! Look where you want to go - Smooth Inputs are key - slow on the acceleration and gentle on the brakes - use both brakes on dirt - keep
close track of tire pressure but even closer attention to the other guys tire pressure.

With a little care and attention this is a very safe and healthy way to enjoy our amazing road ways, parks and paths.

Wear your helmet!